Hi! I'm Jordan Urbs, a wild gourshanne and soul-sondering, tech-tinkering explorer of consciousness.

Or something like that.

I also happen to be a father, partner, musician, filmmaker, traveler, and producer of the digital arts.

But more than anything, I am a storyteller.

Over the years I've sold my time for money, room or board, dabbled in social entrepreneurship, explored handy (and trendy) new technologies, and even attempted to be a social media person with something to share.

It's great trying to achieve lofty ambitions for the world and all, but deep down, I'm actually living in a dream land.

After college, I started to believe that acquiring "money" in our society required a level of structure, routine, and overall stress greater than I cared to give. I'd rather be playing with worlds.

And that's just what I did for the 2010s and my twenties, finding myself the happiest creating rich environments for complex characters to thrive.

Even if it wasn't a work of fiction, I would continue to dream up new worlds, by placing people and their projects in their own best light.

This website gives you a tease into many of the worlds I cook up.

Lately, my biggest dream is one that I just so happen to share with thousands of others, one that just so happens to be realizing itself after over a decade of innovation: the dream of a Bitcoin standard.

I believe in a world where, thanks to the core values of Bitcoin, humans can thrive creatively and co-exist cooperatively once again and for the first time. This has become the only dream that seems realistic at this stage in the world. After all the years I explored in different ways, there is no faster path to healing for our civilization.

"Fix the money, fix the world."

This website is a place for you to dive into my worlds with me, while also acting as a refuge for my creativity. It works doubly to know that these works are out there for you to experience. I invite you to consume my content and send a little tip if you feel so obliged.

I think art should always be free to consume, so the main things paywalled are convenient bonuses like complete PDFs or full movie streams.

Join Me As I Write

I have a library of unfinished writing projects. I'll be posting them here, chapter by chapter, in hopes that your feedback will motivate me to keep a particular story going.

Oh yeah, updates also come as an email newsletter!

Some things you'll find here

You'll find here most creations of mine that I believe hold at least a little entertainment value. Some of the more notable content you'll find:


  • The Legend of Bruce Hard (fantasy)
  • Summer in a Prologue (alternate reality sci-fi)


Graphic Novels


There's plenty more where that came from.

So enjoy yourself, and thanks for visiting! I always cherish new connections and feedback, so please feel free to get a hold of me if you so desire.

Jordan Urbs, 2023