Going to Nepal With A Camera On My Forehead

Going to Nepal With A Camera On My Forehead

"What happens when curiosity is your compass? Jordan leaves for Nepal with a camera on his forehead, seeking out the mysterious culture of the ancient Himalayan singing bowls. Instead he finds the secret somewhere he least expects it..."

It was a pivotal time in my life--remain a vagrant in the USA or join the masses of Western bohemians in Asia trying to do something worthwhile yet creative?

This is the movie I raised funds for with Indiegogo (campaign link), available in full for you to watch right here (of course, you could also watch it in parts on YouTube, if you're into that sort of thing).

I have two very fond memories of affirmation from creating this film:

1) I realized that I was living my childhood dream: traveling and making movies.

2) There was $100 to my name when the earthquake hit. My rent was $5/night and I spent about $10/day on food. When the earthquake clip went viral, a scummy viral media agency bought the rights to it for $1500. The show could go on and the film was finished.

There are more unreleased films I've made in this meta-style. I'll have to get to them soon and finally share them with the world.