Bitcoin Consulting

Why I love Bitcoin and want to share it with everyone.
Bitcoin Consulting

I started with Bitcoin in 2014.

I got a lot more into it in 2017. Here's a video I made asking people about it in West Africa:

It wasn't until 2020's lockdowns that I finally understood:

Bitcoin is more than a just way to de-fund the endless wars.

It's a peaceful revolution.

It's 2024 now, and:

  • Bitcoin is the revolution I invest in.
  • Bitcoin has changed my life by enabling us to move to Hawaii and start a homestead.
  • I've watched Bitcoin change my friends & family's life.

1:1 Bitcoin Consultations

"A corrupt money begets a corrupt society."

I offer consultations for people looking to make an investment that follows their values.

NOTE: I don't offer financial advice. This call is an educational call. You'll make your own decisions.

What We'll Cover

  1. We'll talk about how fiat money is the root of all evil and pretty much everything holding back our civilization, and how Bitcoin is a powerful solution to it.
  2. We'll run down the basics of why the world needs Bitcoin, and then come to understand how and why Bitcoin makes such a great money and vehicle for wealth storage.
  3. Once the basics are down, we'll get you started buying your first Bitcoin!
  4. In a free follow-up call, we'll then make you your own bank! We'll withdraw your Bitcoin to your own self-custody, a cold storage wallet empowering you to become sovereign over your wealth.
  5. If you're looking to get deeper, in subsequent calls we can then explore other aspects of the Bitcoin ecosystem:
    • multi-signature wallets
    • best security & privacy practices
    • UTXO consolidation (save money in the future by taking care now)
    • Nostr and Lightning Network applications

I'll also make sure you come away with a handful of the best podcasts, YouTube channels, and influencers in the Bitcoin space so you can be sure to continue your education on your own!

What Others Have Said About Bitcoin Education With Me

"I had the pleasure of connecting with Jordan to learn more about Bitcoin, and it was an eye-opening experience.

Jordan's passion for Bitcoin is contagious, and he took the time to patiently explain the basics, the underlying value of Bitcoin, and why choosing Bitcoin can be a transformative decision.

Our hour-long Zoom call was not just informative but also enjoyable. Jordan's enthusiasm for using Bitcoin as a tool for peaceful revolution and positive change in our lives was inspiring. He is not only knowledgeable but also a genuinely cool person to connect with.

I highly recommend Jordan's Bitcoin consulting sessions to anyone interested in exploring this revolutionary digital currency. His unique perspective on using Bitcoin to align our beliefs with our financial actions is thought-provoking and insightful.

If you're considering his services, don't hesitate – you won't be disappointed."

- Eldar Israfili, Entrepreneur, Coach, Mentor

It's definitely a worthy investment to learn about Bitcoin!

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