I spent many years NOT following basic YouTube audience engagement guidelines in order to maintain my integrity as a filmmaker and storyteller.

Those days are over and I'm a total sellout now, but the proof of my work remains. The following are some of my favorite long-form pieces and series that showcase my era as a guerrilla filmmaker...

Going To Nepal With A Camera On My Forehead

In 2014, I crowdfunded this project on Indiegogo to discover the history of the Tibetan singing bowls. Instead, I experienced a life-changing earthquake and an inspiring global community of people coming together to support the Nepalese people.

Here is the film in 4 parts:

(Fun fact, to finish the film I sold the rights to the live earthquake video after it went viral the day of the quake. My bank account went from $190 to almost $2000 overnight. That is why there is a 4th video in the playlist.)

Nepal Earthquake Relief Efforts

I couldn't keep all the magic on the film, so instead I released this web series of our diverse little band of tourists heading off into the countryside to offer smiles to the children, food to the families, and hope to the parents.

#Moronou (Cote d'Ivoire)

In Washington DC, I met an Uber driver from the small French speaking country in West Africa. Two months later, I was on a plane about to embark on a 7-day filming adventure documenting the potential for economic development in the African countryside.

#Fuchsbau Community Living

In the forests outside of Berlin, the culmination of a decade of my German-speaking friends lived in a commune. I stayed for a few weeks to get to know their way of living, inspirations, and motivations.

Growing Paradise on Big Island

My first experience coming to Hawaii was to document a retreat... I had no idea what to expect, but the content turned into my first successful attempt at a "guerrilla reality show" with a 1-man production crew.

Bali's Permaculture Movement

This is the series that kickstarted the PRCPTION Travel YouTube channel (later rebranded into Perception Travel TV). It's packed full of characters and information on how-to permaculture. It was my first real project with a DLSR camera and a dedicated microphone.

Way of a Rasta

I went to rural Jamaica to help start a music program. An old friend's sister joined me with the intention to This is a 3-part series with a few just-for-fun videos thrown in for a fuller picture of what was going on down there.

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