Jordan's Blog Abroad: France 2007-2008

Jordan's Blog Abroad: France 2007-2008

Fed up with southern California, I applied to study abroad for my sophomore year of college. What a decision! It was the catalyst needed to spark the erratic bohemian lifestyle calling me thereafter.

My parents always laugh at this sequence of posts, witnessing me change from a strict bodybuilder into a hippie hitchhiking partier. But I'll let you be the judge of that!

A note just to let you know that the original blogs all have photos! Find the photo-filled PDFs on my old Wordpress blog.

I will keep adding more months as I get the time. For now, get started with the first few months of the year abroad:

JBAF: August 2007
August 15, 2007 As I sit here waiting almost three hours for my flight to take off, I realize the majority of my body still has no idea what’s about to happen to my life. I won’t be seeing my family or Brittany anytime soon; I begin to
JBAF: September 2007
September 1 & 2, 2007 Our first paid group field trip was today. Location: Marseille. I wasn’t listening on the bus ride there because the lady’s French accent was giving me a headache and I couldn’t take it. Basically, she told us Marseille is really old with a
JBAF: October 2007
October 1, 2007 I had an interesting little excursion this last weekend. I had planned on making it completely spontaneous so I’d have a fun adventure to write about, but unfortunately, it wasn’t a whole lot of fun. I kept a little journal throughout, and during this blog post I’
A Life, A Profession, An Art
[Note from Jordan, 09/2008: I wrote this story on my little adventure to Avignon (when I met the Muslim guy who took me in before I slept on the street). It’s truly a mystery to me how this half-fact/half-fiction story turned into half-fiction/half-fact based story by
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