Locked Down in Argentina 2020

Locked Down in Argentina 2020

After over a decade of life on the road, suddenly I was going to be a parent. Whoops! Little did we know a "pandemic" would also hit the world and we'd be stuck in one of my least favorite countries--ever--for the whole year.

This is a work-in-progress, as life suddenly picked up for me before I finished Chapter 5. (With your support by joining the Jordan Urbs Fam, I will feel more encouraged to finish this work!)

ARG2020 Intro: “Locked Down in Argentina 2020”
We have finally arrived home in California. It was a long year, for reasons beyond the obvious. The political-economic-social crises triggered by the pandemic hit a lot more close-to-home for everyday living in South America but, while tough at times, sticking it out in Argentina was an ironic bless…
ARG2020 Ch 1: Argentine Routine & Cuisine, in the calm before the storm.
It’s been a introspective time for me, questioning where to dedicate my creative energies this year, so I deeply appreciate your feedback and reaching out after the first mail. Social media to me was always a way to share my goings-on in my travels with those I cared with
ARG2020 Ch 2 + Pregnancy Photoshoot (feb 2020) and Zoom Wedding (feb 2021)
Greetings from the other side! Lau and I finally tied the knot with the state and we are officially legally wed. (It took 13 months from the time of our actual “wedding” celebration.) And it happened on Zoom. Weird times to be sure, but it’s one more bureaucratic step
ARG2020 Ch 2.3: Interlude! Partnerships, Plant Medicines, and Love
This one comes in three sections. I’ve never been a cookie-cutter lover and I figure to get to know me better, I should share with you some personal things. I. Partnerships A snippet from last time: I couldn’t tell you another time I was as dedicated a partner
ARG2020 Ch 2.6 - A Farewell to Rambling Bachelorhood Amidst Chilean Revolution
Last we left off in my 2020 adventure, I was departing a sweaty Cordoban summer and heading to Chile for a final solo traveller adventure. This one is long but filled with pictures and even a little swashbuckling adventure. I am glad it’s finally finished so we can move
ARG2020 Ch 3 - Giving Birth During a Pandemic and Lockdown in Argentina
Wow, that title sure is a mouthful, huh? With good reason, as I believe you will see. This installment isn’t anywhere near as long as the previous few. My apologies for the delay; I find that I write one of these and then it sits for 2-3 weeks before
ARG2020 Ch 4.1 - Business and “Career”… Work, Money, Purpose, Intention
We were to finish up April and May at the quiet Airbnb duplex we had found for Aquiles’ birth in March. The owner was happy to let us stay an extra month when we explained how difficult/illegal it was to move right now. Her mom owned a local cookie
ARG2020 Ch 4.2 - Startup Parenting and Lockdown Startups
Greetings after a couple months hiatus! It’s more and more difficult to “find” the time to write and reflect on what seems so far gone. Yet flashbacks do still hit me, and there is still a story to be told. I’ve decided to stress less about my prose
ARG2020 Ch 4.6 - Lockdown, Family Time, Bureacracy, and Black Market Currency Conversions
So its just a few clicks into the lockdown and suddenly we’re a family with all the tasks that came with that. We had to register Aquiles’ birth with the municipal government and take him to the pediatrician, while Lau was to start rehabilitation after her trauamatic birth. A
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