Critical juncture has arrived. My time has come

impostor syndrome is gone, time to yolo!
Critical juncture has arrived. My time has come

8 months ago, I re-ignited this newsletter with the aim of sharing my experience as I built some sort of content creator business.

Most of you subscribers were all friends & family from my "escape Facebook" days:

curious about my journey, but not necessarily interested in whatever I would be trying to sell. (I don't blame you)

These e-mails were also a way to keep you updated on our Hawaii homesteading life.

(I've been catching up on these, by the way. Here's "4 tips for moving off-grid with young children and without a clue")

And as OG subscribers around here have no doubt noticed as of late, the "business" stuff has begun to creep in...


An e-mail list is truly important in today's world, because it's the only list of fans/friends/audience that you can truly own...

Social networking platforms can change their rules or de-platform you at any time.

Now... I don't really have that big of an audience to speak of,

but I have hit the point where I can no longer deny that I need a dedicated e-mail list for my video coaching business.

A lot of people want to take the leap [deeper] into video
but need it consistently hammered home (in their inbox)
for the message to start to stick.

Which means, I need to start writing value-providing content that leads people to my services

on a channel dedicated to that.

And there's no reason to make you suffer through it, because you're not all here for that.

You're here for me.

(which is amazing)


Instead of compromising my integrity to shift the intentions of these e-mails

(I still want to write my personal anecdotes and reflections on life)

I'm starting a fresh new e-mail newsletter.

Starting soon, there will be 2 different styles of e-mails I'll be sending out:

  1. The Jordan Urbs Masterpiece Newsletter
  2. Authentic Video Club

The Authentic Video Club

The newsletter is part of the Authentic Video Club and it will consist of my run-downs, insights, commentaries and exploration into all things online video content.

(The term "authentic video" has kind of stuck because it's become a means of implying some notion of spirituality to the video process... try as I might, I'm not drawn to helping people make more money... I'd rather support you in waking up to yourself more.)

Those of you close to me know that I've been super into video creation since I was a wee lad.

So perhaps it fits that I'm going back to doing the same stuff I was doing at 10 years old with my mom's old video camera (selling Rugrats VHS tapes lol)

So if you're curious,
or you're a[n aspiring] video creator yourself,
maybe you'll want to join the AV Club for my insights into video creation.

If you receive my e-mails because you downloaded one of my authentic video freebies, I'm putting you on the new list automatically

(and it's up to you if you want to unsubscribe from this one--there's a link at the bottom).

If you never did get one of those free video guides, or are not sure,
or you just want to just make sure you're part of what's new & hip,

you can head over and subscribe to the Authentic Video Club any time.

My Time Has Come

I say this very dramatically because I've been fighting this kind of thing for almost 3/4 of a year now.

Never been much of a marketer, or salesperson, I guess because I never had a reason to.

Never made sense to me.

Perhaps that's because a "reason," for me, must be felt deep in my heart... enough to leave my cave of personal, selfish creativity and put myself out there to try to make some impact in the world.

But now that I've managed to connect one of my favorite activities to a business with an underlying spiritual schematic, it's starting to feel all-too-natural.

Not to mention... I can't deny that I kind of like writing this "marketing" content, the kind that teaches something or inspires.

So when it comes to the content I'm creating, it's time to really start segmenting between my personal creativity and my "business" creativity.

Speaking of authenticity (were we speaking of authenticity?), here's the Family in Paradise series going back to my VLOG editing style of 10 years ago.

The 7-Day Authentic Video Challenge

When you sign up to the club, you'll also be invited to enroll in my free new micro-course: the 7-Day Authentic Video Challenge.

I've been working on iterations of this since October, trying to solve these main problems for people who want to make more video but aren't managing to do so:

  • overcome the initial resistance
  • get accountable to starting a routine
  • figure out what to make content about
  • learn the basics of planning, shooting, and editing

The challenge is all you need (besides a camera) to get started making video content, including a basic framework for approaching content as a personal development practice. You'll receive lessons and prompts for 7 days straight.

It's been fun making new graphics.

And yeah, it'll also be a community for feedback, inspo, and all that jazz.

More on that another time.

I'll close this out by saying I'M SO EXCITED to have finally figured this out.

It's been bothering me for months, being unsure of how to move forward with e-mail. It's a powerful tool, but I've felt limited because I don't feel like spamming my supportive friends and family with stuff I know they don't care about.

I've got a similar strategy I'll be trying out for my content on social media platforms soon

(separating the FUN & PERSONAL from the BUSINESS while still maintaining AUTHENTICITY)

so perhaps that'll be my next reflection.

Until next time, friends... thanks for all your support!

(I always appreciate a quick reply!)

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