I'm re-branding.

Jordan Urbs 4.0 is on its way! But WHY?! ...
I'm re-branding.

The first iteration of my personal brand was a nomadic stoner backpacker YouTuber. It was a start, but never anything of actual value past the comments section.

The second iteration of Jordan Urbs was that of a social entrepreneur, running a non-profit to create media for the underfunded communities of the world.

I didn’t know how to run a business and hated marketing,
so that portrait I painted of myself went downhill with the project.

In mid-2023, the third iteration began when I went all-in on my brand for the first time, deciding to turn it into a business.

I had one main goal: start making money.

I love creating content and I loathe doing things just to make money,
so I decided that I would learn to generate an income by creating content.

And what a wild ride it’s been.

Boiled down to its simplest form, a successful brand-facing business is essentially the organic meeting point of just 2 main things:

  1. Your natural talent
  2. A problem your natural talent helps solve

About 4 months into Jordan Urbs v3, I stumbled upon my own meeting point:

supporting others with authentic video creation.

Trying to help others create better video, I hustled for a few months learning the art of offers, sales, and marketing—until suddenly, more business than I could handle came my way.

But it wasn’t the type of business I’d been expecting.

I became a full-time editor, managing teams and helping other brands strategize.

To handle the long hours, I stopped creating for myself.
I disappeared from X, my podcast, YouTube channel, e-mail newsletter, and my brand.

Throughout all this, it dawned on me that the highest value I can provide to others through video is not in coaching or consulting or teaching,

but rather in being a part of a client’s creative team.

Seasons cycle for a reason, though. I needed to experience this overload of business because there was a new meeting point waiting for me on the other side.

A few weeks ago, things finally calmed down and I spent several afternoons writing nonstop.

Something needed to come out after those months of creator abstinence, something only creating could help release.

What that urge produced was a framework modeled after my own experience, highlighting a key message that seemed to elude Jordan Urbs v3:

“Business” is only a fraction of the personal branding and entrepreneurship adventure.

Imagine a coil of a rotating spiral, split into 4 quadrants:

  1. Content generates the energy required for
  2. Business, which creates space for
  3. Higher Purpose, which forms the required confidence for
  4. Success & Self-Realization, which inspires more content and continues the cycle.

Much like a spiral in motion, on this journey we are always growing, always expanding, always revolving around the central axis of our core values & principles.

Those afternoons of focused writing resulted in Content Vines, which I’ve since formatted as a 2-week e-mail course that outlines everything I’ve learned about generating an income online from scratch starting with content creation.

Written for anyone wishing to preserve their personal ambitions while increasing their economic viability, Content Vines explores the process of uniting seemingly disparate aspects of life into one abundant lifestyle, encompassing:

  • Creativity
  • Financial success
  • Purpose (or “spirituality”)
  • Self-fulfillment

As for me, Content Vines signifies me coming full-circle to closing the loop on my brand’s third iteration.

Coming up soon will be Jordan Urbs 4.0.
New colors, new profile pic, more intentional content.

And to prove that it works,
I’ll be using the Content Vines framework to build out Jordan Urbs 4.0.

My experience will be my content. The results will be my business.

To explore Content Vines and join the beta reader’s team before it becomes my first paid course, visit https://vine.spirals.me and sign up, absolutely free... or click the button:

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