When the self-defeating mindsets start creeping back in, what do you do?

Here's some raw, unfiltered reflection on building a business in hard times, from the heart of a tired father.
When the self-defeating mindsets start creeping back in, what do you do?

I'm coming out of a pretty serious case of the negative nancies & neds the last couple weeks. It's been a real eye opener to witness how I handle it with much more self-control than I would have not too long ago.

It's also been a common thread on the podcast (gee, wonder why), so I thought it would be a great topic for this week's e-mail.

Takeaways from this e-mail

  • Jordan has bit off more than he could chew but he has no choice but to move forward and succeed. (That is his choice.)
  • How I conquer self-defeating mindsets (Hurrah! Hurrah!)
  • If you don't have kids until you've got it all figured out, you'll never get it all figured out.

This one's a long one, so let's get started...

How the Negativity Spell Began

It started with a gut parasite that knocked me out for a few days, and then the kids got sick from the neighborhood kids, and then we got sick from not sleeping with the kids up coughing all night, and then I started a pharmaceutical parasite blast... and before you know it all hell has broken loose.

I mean that both literally and figuratively: when she's sick, our 20-month old seems to be possessed by a terrible demon capable of massive tantrums. (But apparently it's just the terrible two's.)

Meanwhile, when the stress is much and the sleep is little, I've got the devil on my shoulder whispering sweet nothings in my ear:

  • "It's OK, just quit all this hard work that requires commitment!"
  • "Go find something else that will be easier!"
  • "Go back to your old ways of feeling bad for yourself, avoiding... run!"
All art in this post rendered by artificial intelligence. Obviously my hair is not that clean, but that is how I look when I use my laptop.

So as far as metaphors go, the various circles of hell seemed to all be showing up in my reality.

Remember when we thought we'd document our life on a YouTube channel? LOL!

With the amount of things we have to do to finish making this house live-able, I can't even manage to get the GoPro out, let alone find time to edit anything.

I'm hoping to have some time to edit the rest of the footage I've collected when we are visiting Lau's hometown in Argentina this fall (spring, down there).

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