I'm so bad with doing emails (but I love making videos!)

I have a big announcement, so so big!
I'm so bad with doing emails (but I love making videos!)
I'm finally back to making video content again! Keep reading to watch a video of mine that went semi-viral last week.


I'll skip my usual introspective ramblings on this one and cut to the chase.

If you've ever been drawn to making video content

but were met with too much inner resistance...

or felt too intimidated by the technology...

or became paralyzed with fear of what others would think of you...

Then I've got JUST the thing for you!

The Video Accelerator program is opening up in February!

Thaaaaat's right folks, it's a full-on guided coaching course that condenses my 25+ years of making fresh video content into a 30-day (or 12-week, depending on your style) program.

And we do it all the right way (holistically speaking), my way...

  • Why it's better to have fun with it
  • Why video is a great personal development practice
  • Why we only need to do the bare minimum to impress & entertain people


I've been at this fun-yet-purposeful video thing for a long time.

Check out this video I made in 12th grade for my school's local announcement channel:

The results? No one at school had any idea what they just watched!

No one had ever seen anything like it, and never would again (because I definitely pissed off more than one school administrator for making the PSA videos so avant-garde that no one understood what the announcement was for, so they started setting rules after that)...

Back to the Video Accelerator Program!

It's barrels of fun.

We start by exploring the content capturing process:

  • why it's vital for a healthy creative routine
  • why it will help you build confidence and better articulation

and then we head into the technology:

  • why to use which software, and when
  • how to edit!
  • how to use AI to get extra creative

and finally conclude with turning it into a lifestyle:

  • how to use AI to re-purpose your long-form clips
  • how to package, schedule, & distribute
  • how to manage your projects
  • how to use video for your business

By the end of the program, you'll have begun building your own workflow for getting serious about making video--you will be a CONFIDENT video creator.

You'll even learn how to make cool AI meditation videos of your favorite inspirations, like this one:

(by the way, that clip just got almost 40k views on X, my most viral post yet lol)


Yes, that's right, I'm making you an offer.

Yes, you.

"But Jordan, silly, I'm no creator!"

Well, that's where I think you're wrong.

You've been living under a rock if you think making video content isn't important, or won't be important going into the future.

Hell, you knew that 10 years ago but ignored it back then, too!

It's OK, I mean I always denied it, too. I figured there'd always be a way around it.

But there's not.

If you're not building equity in a business, or you're not coding your own apps, then you need to be making content. There's just no way around that for the next era of humankind.

In a hyperreal world of automation, the fundamentals our children will need to survive are "learn to build and learn to sell." (Naval said that, I'm just quoting him.)

So why not get ahead of the game, and start learning video for your children?

The Video Accelerator Program.

"Not just for you. For your kids, too!"

Speaking of kids, here's a music video I made for a song my group wrote for a book report about Fight Club in the 11th grade. My mom sang in the acoustic version:

You can rest assured, those kids got an A+ on that project!

Are you ready? Let's see if it's a fit!

(Just kidding about the kids thing. Do it for you!)

Thank you for reading my first marketing e-mail. I hope you enjoyed it!

The Small Print

Side effects of the Video Accelerator Program may include: (i) getting so comfortable in your creative weird-ness that you stop giving a fuck; (ii) people thinking you've finally lost it; (iii) you don't give a fuck anymore; or (iii) or BUILDING A BUSINESS AND AWESOME AUDIENCE!

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