Content creation helped me discover myself as a business

but only when I surrendered to it.
Content creation helped me discover myself as a business
Guess what? I've got a new stream of YouTube videos coming out--you can watch the first one is at the end of this letter!

Coming on 5 months, the content I’ve created has mirrored the unresolved truths of my life:

How It Started - May 2023

Me: Overwhelmed domestically, scattered mentally, lost professionally.

My Content:
• Lifestyle—the comedic reality of parenting wannabe homesteading adventures
• Music—accordion fun
• Fitness—mobility and jungle workouts

Me + My Content = exploring together.

Strategy: Desperate to figure out an income, I got started simply by sending out noise.

But the lifestyle videos were too much to handle. Plus I needed to build some kind of business...

Where It Went - July 2023

Me: Focused creatively, inspired emotionally, stressed financially.

My Content:
• Podcast conversations—exploring all forms of self-sovereignty
• Short-form vertical—podcast highlights

Me + My Content = honing in on what feels good.

Strategy: Finding resonance between an audience and myself, I finally went all-in on one main project.

The podcast helped me start understanding the business I was subconsciously creating.

In fact, unbeknownst to me until very recently, the podcast format also became the foundation for my signature offer.

But eventually it became clear that the podcast content, even though it fulfilled me, wasn’t content that actually could support the business that was developing...

Where It’s Going - Nov 2023

Me: Knowing intellectually, balanced internally, patient materially.

My Content:
• YouTube VLOG-style philosophical deep dives

Me + My Content = LFG!

Strategy: Scaling the business.

(I can't WAIT to show you a few of these new podcast-vlog fusion episodes I've been cooking up, by the way)


Point of the story?

Here's what I'd say to the Jordan of 10 years ago:

Your authentic content can be a deep reflection of you. It can lead you to a higher truth that eludes you from other angles.

But you have to let it be, in order to do so.

Don't fight it for sake of message consistency, or aesthetic.

Let it be what it needs to be as the rest of you figures itself out on the material planes.

Content creation is the key to discovering yourself as a solopreneur with high-ticket value to offer.

Treating content as simply an audience-building tool is vanity.

Using content creation as a tool for personal growth is progress.

A new YouTube channel?


As I roll out this new era of content that supports my business ("stealth influence", not so stealthy if you've been following these e-mails for a while 😄), I wonder if the current [miniscule] audience would care for it, or if I should just start over with a new one.

Haven't made a decision on that one yet, but I'm appreciating the process!

And loving where this style is headed.

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