Today's the big day...

On my quest to creator sovereignty, I just took out an early boss. 🎉🎊🥳
Today's the big day...
This is a text-heavy post. Apologies for the lack of video content this week, but I've been busy building a business (for like, the first time ever)!

Since 2014, I've tried my hand at all kinds of entrepreneurship:
• 501(c)3 non-profit
• social media marketing agency
• a DAO

In May 2023, with no options left, I went all in on becoming a "creator."

A solopreneur.

I didn't even know what that meant besides creating content, but I knew it was the path I had to follow.

The last 5-6 months went like this: family homesteading YouTube series → sovereignty podcast → emergent creator cohort → the first business I can take pride in putting my face on:

Video coach!

Where the heart connects with the mind and smile, this is Jordan's ultimate offering.
My shangri-la of vocations.

How something so seemingly-obvious can take so long to crystallize is one of those unique mysteries of human consciousness:

If there's ever one epic skill I've had despite never amounting to anything publicly, it's creating video. (I'm sure if you know me, you'd attest to that.)

I may never have cared much for following the rules of engagement, I may have always had been too scared to play the attention game... but video production has been my intuitive calling since I was 10 years old. why it took 5 months for me to figure out that I can work with people sharing my passion, you'll probably have to chalk that one up to the journey of discovering one's own self-worth.

That's the big takeaway from these last 6 months: witnessing value in my essence as a passion-fueled individual.

Some things just take time.

2023 has seen me get up to speed with how video on the internet works again:

We want video.
We crave authenticity.

If there were ever a time for me to finally step into my own shoes, it's now.

Today I launch what is called a "lead magnet."
Some incredible free value that shows me that you're a potential lead for the services I offer.

(Yes, I'm saying that out loud because I refuse to turn this into a marketing newsletter.)

I've put a lot of energy into the Pocket Guide to Authentic Video, and it's basically a micro-course at this stage. It was supposed to be a workbook but I ended up recording over an hour of explainer videos to go with it (edited down to about 30 minutes, of course).

It's absolutely FREE for the next 24 hours, so I recommend grabbing it if you're even remotely interested in a new perspective on video creation.

Whether what begins today is hit or miss, nothing changes for me... I'll continue onwards, uncovering more of the mystery that is me along the way, and continue to build a business off of that.

A thousand thanks to all of you who have been so supportive.
It's been quite the ride and I finally feel like we're getting started.

And now... onward!

Jordan Urbs

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