RVK Ch. 1: A Triumphant Introduction

"I've invited you here to learn of the experience of a blockchain-imprisoned timeline traveler."
RVK Ch. 1: A Triumphant Introduction

This was a fresh experience for me that has me wanting to keep it going. I learned a lot of how to get things done creatively and quickly in the modern internet, plus it was a good exercise in improvisational storytelling.

I used a Discord AI bot to generate all the images and put it all together using only Canva (no Adobe tools like I would normally use)... far less CPU/GPU intensive than it would be to do this using "real" software. (I can work on this from my laptop!) I used the PLVRS.online model viewer to screenshot my Hodly NFT in different positions and angles to fit the generated background art.

As far as the story goes, I'm improvising. I'm enjoying watching Rip's character develop and it will be interesting to add more characters starting in the next chapter.

See you for Chapter 2!

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