I'm a non-stop creator. Sometimes for the worst, but oftentimes for the best. This is a list of my ongoing projects.

A Family In Paradise

This YouTube channel follows the journey of our family as we build our own off-grid homestead in Hawaii. I'm literally doing all the things I've always hated about capturing attention on YouTube, but you gotta do what you gotta do...


Spirals Activation, LLC is my web hosting and design business, with a focus on autonomous subscription platforms for creators.

Hodly Heroes

A community-driven storytelling science fiction multiverse, featuring Ordinals on Bitcoin, NFTs on Zilliqa, and soon high-quality 3D cartoon content on a screen near you.

The Hodly Heroes universe is a project that began as a episodic series I began in my "psychedelic phase," practicing yoga and exploring new breathwork methods to play with my state of waking consciousness. The resulting universe was a place where there were no second thoughts about characters drifting seamlessly in and out of timelines, yet full continuity is always assumed.

Its foundation was very relevant for the actual manifesting of this story saga; it's progress so far has been funded in different ways, with each new step an evolutionary hop in the multiverse.


A grassroots network of creatives harnessing Defi & NFTs to change the way we tell stories, get content made, and build community.

Say what we will about web3, I do believe in the power of the DAO and what it can mean for human cooperation at a global scale. Pelenia is one such project I helped bootstrap, it's an exploration into a decentralized media production cooperative.

Gourshanne x JordanAccordion

My songwriting and music, ranging from atmospheric electronica to country blues. Music for me was never about the aesthetics--it's the most cathartic art in my arsenal.

Most of it was all recorded on the road, out of a backpack, with various standards of equipment. Here's a fun playlist, written and recorded in Australia, mastered in Argentina:

BONUS: AI-generated music video for "Accordion Robots From Outer Space" (v1):

JordanAccordion (YouTube Channel)

Accordion lessons.

Shortly before leaving for Nepal in 2014, I recorded a series of accordion tutorials for a YouTube that at the time had nothing worthwhile. Oddly enough, the community has grown almost faster than all my other media endeavors despite very little upkeep on my part over the years.

JordanAccordion remains a character I endeavor to explore more; he has a good sense of humor and no sense of identity over which his ego may get butt-hurt.

Somewhere along the way, JordanAccordion also tried his hand at social entrepreneurship:


Open-source software for creating a community hub for showcasing media. Includes a simple installation, user accounts, reviews/comments, and extensive organization filters.

Unfortunately, the server is currently down and I'm unable to resolve it so I'm linking to the Github repo instead. This was funded by the non-profit I helped found (PRCPTION Travel, Inc.) and I learned a lot about development with our lead developer in Sri Lanka.

Perception Travel TV

A place to discover the people, brands, and communities that share your values. Perception Travel TV is an autonomous video hosting platform comprising a global community of supportive societies, collaborative creativity, and sustainable living.

Before Bitcoin, my method of inspiring the world was to promote authentic community story sharing. What better way to create the world we want to see than to surround ourselves by stories of that world?

LFG. This video never got finished (lost in the mess of the pandemic) but it still gets me so pumped. One day the vision will rise again.

This is all a PeerTube instance, which I believe reinforces the vision of the media endeavor.

Crack the code on multi-purposeful content creation.

Hear my discoveries on building a brand-facing business and start your free 7-day Authentic Video Challenge:

Jordan Urbs

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