Gourshanne - Loved One (Unreleased Full Album)

Gourshanne - Loved One (Unreleased Full Album)

You can find the Loved One EP on Apple Music, Spotify, or any of those--but have you heard the full album?

These tracks were all written/recorded on various coasts of Australia while traveling with (yes, you guessed it) a loved one. It was a roller coaster, that one...

At the time, taking 8-12 hour buses through Patagonia working on a film, I didn't have the energy to manually master the remaining tracks by hand, plus the sound itself wasn't consistent enough to "build a brand," so I just released the 3-track EP on the major platforms...

But the truth is, I really like the full album and think it tells a great story.

And don't forget the music video for Accordion Robots From Outer Space!

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