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Video Accelerator Cohort For Coaches & Creators

A 1:1 intensive coaching program for mastering the art of authentic video.
Video Accelerator Cohort For Coaches & Creators

Sovereignty as a creator starts with owning your authenticity to embody your brand.

...but first, you must conquer video.

Do you ever feel like creating video content is like staring up a big, scary mountain?

Learning all the tech stuff can seem impossible, the process can try your patience, and the fear of not being perfect can stop you in your tracks.

But guess what? It's just a new challenge.

You've got this.

Effective video content all starts with the real you:

Your story, your humor, your vulnerabilities, your passion.

I developed my video skills by having fun with friends in high school. After a brief stint working a 9-5 I decided I'd rather be broke than sell my time, so I spent 12 years traveling the world making videos with people.

With no stable source of income and never more than a few hundred dollars to my name, I discovered the value of a sovereign mindset: anything is possible, but only if we go for it.

My goal was to become a YouTuber, but life had other plans.

Instead, it was my video skill itself that supported me. Everyone wants and everyone needs video, and many are willing to trade room & board for it!

So I developed humility, and by doing so created opportunities for myself throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia doing what I love.

But then, quite suddenly, a different sort of love found me.

In 2020 I became a husband and a father.

We decided to do it the hard way, so now we're building a homestead in volcanic Hawaii:

Video goes beyond content.

Video is not only a fantastic vehicle for providing value to audiences, but it's the perfect medium for transmitting our personality and expertise.

For me, YouTube acted as a portfolio. I was invited all over the world thanks to my YouTube channel with relatively few subscribers.

And that's what video can be for your coaching business, meaningful content to showcase your main offer: you.

The Video Accelerator program was designed to train you to optimize for the best of both worlds: expressing yourself creatively while creating good content that brings more clients to your business.

Creating quality, consistent video content doesn’t need to be intimidating... in fact, it should be empowering–and fun!

Over the span of 20+ years, I've spent 1000's of hours mastering video editing on different fancy software... only to learn that the true secret to engaging my audience was not in depending on the technology but in liberating my creativity.

These days, with the right AI tools, what used to take me 10+ hours to edit now takes me about an hour. I'm able to focus on expressing myself while developing a consistent workflow that outputs quality content.

In the 30-Day Video Accelerator, I'll show you how to do it, too... and not just show you how, I'll make sure you've got it down.

I’ll be your coach and my 8-module program will be your guide, leading you straight to the top of that mountain that's so hard to even look at.

You'll master the tricky technology, improve your skills, build consistency with daily practice, and ensure your videos genuinely reflect the brand you're building.

We won’t just climb that mountain... we’ll f*cking transcend it.

With the Video Accelerator program, you'll become the video creator you know you are.

    • Gain confidence on video!
    • Learn to edit!
    • Become a master at visually stimulating your viewers!
    • Engage your audience!
    • Refine your message!
    • Develop your voice!
    • Stand out in the sea of noise out there!

By the end of this program, you'll feel empowered to create video without limitations.

It's really not as hard as you think—once you learn the techniques taught in Video Accelerator, commitment is the final requirement.

All you need is a decent smartphone and a computer.

(Have more than that? Great. We'll use it.)

Develop a daily habit of transforming your ideas & inspirations into engaging videos that feel great to create.

In the Video Accelerator program, you get:

  • My 8-module video editing course
  • 1:1 60min. hands-on coaching calls with me
  • Weekly 2hr. hands-on group co-working session
  • Daily check-ins with me for tips & actionable feedback on your content
  • Prompts & project ideas to help you practice your craft

What's in the Video Editing course?

Everything you need to learn the ins & outs of putting together video content:

    • Introduction to Video Editing Software
    • Organizing Footage
    • Cuts & Transitions
    • Text & Titles
    • Color Correction & Grading Basics
    • Audio Editing Fundamentals
    • Working with Layers and Effects

This course is to give you a big picture overview of editing. It will be your foundation for building your own optimized workflows.

The course doesn't cover personalized feedback on your content, which is why we'll cover that in our coaching calls!

What's in the coaching calls?

  • Tailored-For-You tutorials to get past your blocks.
  • Serious feedback to improve your output.
  • Co-working so you can build confidence with the tricky parts.
  • Live prompting & coaching while you record.

Our 1:1 calls are for you and me to cover literally anything you're having questions about. We'll go over all your work and explore different techniques for enhancing what you're working on.

There is no replacement for consistent practice...
You're going to make video content every day!

And I'm going to make sure you get better and better at it.

The best part? It's risk-free.

I'm so confident in this program, as long as you show up and complete the training without missing a coaching call, I'm offering you a 100% money-back guarantee.

Early Bird Bonus!

The coaching program is awesome, but one thing that will enhance it even more is a daily practice.

So, as a thank you for being one of my early bird clients, I'm adding in a very special bonus:

Drop-in access to the forthcoming Creator Sovereignty community, which offers coaching micro-workshops and authentic video "jam" sessions 5 days/week.

This will give you even more opportunity to develop your on-camera confidence & articulation!

What others are saying about working with me:

Do not miss out on this exclusive opportunity!

For a limited time only, I'm offering the entire package at this discounted price for just 3 committed creators.

I want to provide you with the very best experience possible, which means there is only so much of myself to give. For that reason, I am limiting this opportunity to only 3 inspired individuals.

Level up your video content: learn the craft, build consistency, and publish videos that engage.

And on top of all that... Gain confidence preparing your authentic video content, capturing yourself on camera, and putting soul into the editing process.

Learn the technical skills you’ve been missing.

Not only will you work out your creation muscles for a month, but you will master the art of authentic video. You can apply this mastery to any visual media you'll ever need to create.

Optimize your workflow. Develop your own unique style.

For these 30 days, from daily feedback to direct guidance, I've got your back to make sure you create your BEST and most engaging video content, all while keeping efficiency in mind.


Do I have to be a coach?

Any creator is welcome!

Can I choose what type of video content we focus on?

Yes. Your program will be suited to your goals. If you need to improve your vertical videos, that's what we will focus on.

If you are trying to engage your YouTube audience with medium/long-form content, we can also focus on that.

Can I do the Video Accelerator program over 2 or 3 months instead?

I understand we are all in different flows and learn differently... so yes, it's possible to make this happen, but know there will be no money-back guarantee in this scenario.

Mention it in the sign-up form and we can discuss it.

This is a commitment to yourself and your business as a creator. Start showing your audience what they want to see!

Want to talk about it? Schedule a call with me!

Still here? Well, here's a fun final video of my family to close things out:

Money Back Guarantee

I am confident in the value of my training program and am committed to your satisfaction. If you have attended all sessions, consistently engaged with the training materials, and still feel that you have not gained the skills, knowledge, or insights promised within 30 days of completing the training, I will be happy to provide you with another 30 days of training or a full refund.

Please note that results from the training may vary from person to person, and my guarantee is based on your satisfaction with the training itself, not the results you achieve. To request a refund, you'll simply need to fill out the provided refund request form and provide your feedback on the training.

Remember, consistent participation and engagement are key to achieving the best results, and as such, attendance and consistency are requirements for eligibility for this money-back guarantee.
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