30-Day Video Accelerator

A 1-month personalized coaching program for mastering the ins & outs of creating authentic video.
30-Day Video Accelerator

Master authentic video creation.

Video content doesn’t need to be intimidating—in fact, it should feel empowering... and fun!

In these 30 days, you’ll learn what you need to feel confident transforming your ideas & inspirations into engaging video content.

The Video Accelerator is an investment for established creators ready to up-level their video content.

It's also a chance to refresh yourself on the fundamental of your brand, as daily video creation will support you in refining your message, developing your voice, and engaging your audience.

Sovereignty as a creator starts with owning your authenticity, developing your voice, and embodying your brand.

This means feeling 100% confident with your face on video:

  • Planning
  • Capturing
  • Improvising
  • Editing
  • Releasing

In the 30-day Video Accelerator program, you get:

  • Weekly 1:1 coaching call with Jordan.
  • Frequent check-ins (6 days/week) with actionable feedback on your content.
  • Drop-in access to the Creator Sovereignty weekly group coaching cohort.
  • Access to all cohort learning materials (past & present).
  • In-depth authentic video jam sessions.

You're going to make video content every day! And I'm going to make sure you stick to it.

Daily Authentic Video Jams

As a creator, content creation is the fitness of branding.

It must be practiced daily to stay healthy.

In the Creator Sovereignty Discord, we host daily meet-ups (jams) to create a supportive space together to capture a few minutes of authentic video content each day.

(You get the file after, to practice with.)

This is an opportunity to stay accountable and start creating video every day.

Gain the technical skills you’ve been missing.

After 20+ years, I consider myself an expert-level video editor. It's my #1 craft.

I’ve used all the fancy software. But the truth is, these days, all you need are a few online subscription platforms withsome AI to streamline the content creation workflow.

I’m going to teach you all the tricks I’ve developed for getting your content polished on the go so you can feel confident and efficient in your consistency.

Build a healthy routine.

Not only will you flex your creation muscles for a month, but I will provide you daily feedback on whatever you send me.

Get proper guidance.

If you are missing a technique, I will teach you.

If you are unsure about something, I will help you.

For this month-long program, I've got your back to make sure you create the BEST and most engaging video content possible.


30-Days Personalized Video Coaching: $1000

No frills, no bullshit. This is the investment required to bring yourself to the next level of video creation.

(Not ready for that kind of investment? Try the Creator Sovereignty Cohort)

Questions first? Schedule a quick call with me.

Here's what you get:

  • 4x private 60-min coaching calls with Jordan
  • 1-month access to Jordan’s favorite preferred tools for creating video content fast & easy
  • Weekly prompts & project ideas to help you practice your new skills
  • Daily feedback from Jordan on your work
  • Daily opportunities to speak on camera about yourself, your mission, & values
  • Optional: Start demonstrating your authority by garnering attention as a guest on my Sovereign States of Mind podcast.

This is a remarkable opportunity to learn the skills, practice the craft, and master the art of authentic video.

I'm looking forward to working with you!

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